Futanari cumshots

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December 11th, 2009 >> Futanaria notes, Shemale solo, Videos

futanari cumshot1 futanari cumshot2

Great shemale cumshot is avalible at Futanaria website. It is really extreme action of hot stroking and cumming. Tranny in this movie has monster size unreal cock. It is incredible how much cum is inside of her balls. After cumshots sperm is shooting like from firhose. This sweet futanari girl is very sexy, has nice boobs and sexy body. If you have ever visited Futanaria you probably know that this cock and sperm is not real. It is result of modern technology of manufacturing plastic dildos. All cocks looks like real, girls are beautiful so that is doesn’t matter if shemales are fake or not. The most important is of course result. I would like one more time to thanks Futanaria that so great shemale video clip has been realised.

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Futanari Dick to Dick Dirty Dancing

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December 4th, 2009 >> Futanaria notes, Photos, Shemale couple

m futanaria dara danglemore n caitlyn cumgusher1 m futanaria dara danglemore n caitlyn cumgusher2

I the newtest set of pictures of Futanaria we can find two sweet shemales: Dara Danglemore and Caitlyn Cumgusher. This both girls are well known especially from Futanaria.com. They are many photosessions where they are posing together as futanari shemales. This time both shemales are posing in very glamour dresses. Of course under it they are wearing very sexy lingerie. Inside panties they are hidding their biggest secret – monster size tranny cocks. First both shemales start licking and playing together. It looking that they really like to play with each other shemale cocks. The result of this hot play is amazing – huge amout of sperm which has been shooted from huge balls direct by big cocks. It is the next hot episode from Futanaria and I think it is very good. If you are reading my blog from longer time and watching futanari photos and videos you should to know that I am posting only the best content comming from this great site Futanaria.com.

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Felicia Femwood & Shannon Shaftin from Futanaria

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November 28th, 2009 >> Futanaria notes, Photos, Shemale couple

m felicia femwood and shannon shaftin1 m felicia femwood and shannon shaftin2

Two hot shemales Felicia Femwood and Shannon Shaftin already in pijamas have nice evening. Before their cocks have been so big they have been just talking. But when somone is taking about erotic things everyone getting excited. In this episode Futanaria’s tgirl are having huge cock already. It is the result of their erotic talkative. Her nipples are hard and cocks really fat and long. Any pijamas can’t be able to hide dicks becouse cocks are too big. Futanaria has one more time great idea for episode. Two shemales in one bad are fucking together. The end is simple: monster cumshots from balls which are full of sperm. It is unreal but all looking so real. Fake cocks by Futanaria always looks great.

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Dara from Futanaria and her big cock

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November 21st, 2009 >> Futanaria notes, Photos, Shemale solo

m futanaria poser dara1 m futanaria poser dara2

Do you know Dara? She has been started her career on Futanaria. I would like to show one from her first pictureset. Dara has really sweet face which magnetize all men. Her body is beautiful, shape and round. At Futanaria she is posing with plastic fake cock. It makes from her tranny poser for a while. All shemale lovers know probably shemale site Futanaria becouse girl are beautiful and they looks like true shemales. In this photos Dara has monster size cock. She is stripping first by taking of her sexy dress and then start masturbating. Her tranny cock has unreal size but still looks like real. Then Dara is starting to stroke it and in the end there is a huge cumshot. Her balls one moment before had huge load of shemale sperm. This is cool set of pictures and movie which you can download from members area of Futanaria.com.

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Futanari Shannon and Felicia play in office

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November 13th, 2009 >> Futanaria notes, Photos, Shemale couple, Shemale in office

Felicia and Shannon futanari shemales  Futanaria tgirl Felicia and Shannon in office

Two sweet shemales are playing together. Shannon and Felicia wearing elegant uniforms. Probably they are working in office. Probably they are friends from job. I think that this two sweet big cocked shemales are working together and from many months keeping an eye each other. Today futanari Shanon wanted to try if her friends Felicia would like to do something more than talk in job. When was a pause for a breakfest they start licking in office’s kitchen. When shemale Shannon is sitting tranny Felicia sucking her huge futanari cock. It is the next hiqh quality set of pictures from great site Futanaria. In 1-2 weeks time there will be published movie from this episode. If you would like to see this movie join Futanaria today and watch older videos. Soon this episode movie will be avalible.

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New Futanaria video: Cock Tease with Cow Udders

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November 6th, 2009 >> Futanaria notes, Shemale big tits, Shemale solo, Videos

Nikki taking part in the newtest Futanaria’s video. Tranny Nikki has monster size boobs and huge cock. Her tits have nice huge nipples. Boobs are full of milk and you can see it when girl is playing with her tits. But the best is cock of Nikki and balls. They are full of sperm. It is nice watching so huge breasted and cocked shemale.

m_futanaria_clips1  m_futanaria_clips2  m_futanaria_clips3

Many of you probably wondering only how it is possible to have normal life with so big cock and boobs. Everyone fan of Futanaria know that it is not real. But the effect is great and it is really nice to watch so hot futanari movie. I am always wating forward for videos from Futanaria and it is worth to waiting for every new clip from Futanaria. I think that Futanaria is worth to pay money for every month of membership. There are no any full lenght futanaria movies on rapidshare or torrent. If you would like to download all quality futanari movies there is only one place in Internet – Futanaria.com I really reccomend this paysite!

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Hookers Drenched in Piss & Cum

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October 30th, 2009 >> Futanaria notes, Photos, Shemale couple

m_hookers_drenched_in_piss_and_cum2  m_hookers_drenched_in_piss_and_cum3

There are hectoliters of sperm in the newtest photoset from Futanaria. There are to sweet faced shemales playing together and presenting their cocks. First they are starting sucking cocks which are very huge. Sucking of so big dicks must be very exciting. And probably is it becouse face of girls looking very hot.

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In the next scene futanari shemales are pissing to big jar. After it they are tasting it. In the end all of their bodys are wet. It looks like very hot fetish orgy of two sweet transsexuals. But it is not still the end. In the next scene shemales are cumshooting each other. Yes first tranny is shooting to mouths of second girl. Few moments later there is a change. When they have sperm covered bodys they are licking. Yes kisses in sperm are very amazing. For more great futanari videos and photos join Futanaria now!


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School Girls with Schlongs – new quality set from Futanaria

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October 22nd, 2009 >> Futanaria notes, Photos, Shemale couple, Shemales in uniforms

school girls  Futanari schoolgirls in uniforms

New hot and spicy photoset from Futanaria has been realised. This time Futanaria goes back to school time. New set “School Girls with Schlongs” presenting two sweet shemales in school uniforms. They are ready to show you what the best they have under skirts.
Both shemales are extreme horny. There are no any presentation in clothes. Futanari trannys shows cocks instantly. Cocks are really huge and long. In first photos cocks are a little covered by skirts but few photos leater there are no any panties, just naked big cocks. Girls are playing dicks each other. There are no any sex or anal scenes just cock-show and sucking photos.
What is the best in this photoset? Definately sweet shemales and huge fat cocks. All funs of Futanaria know very well that all photos and videos are fake. But it is not a problem becouse all looks naturally and make your dreams real. Yes, Futanaria is the only site which have ability to make your dreams real. Try our free sample photos and join Futanaria.com now!

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Cum Drunk Sailor Sluts – new movie from Futanaria

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October 17th, 2009 >> Futanaria notes, Shemale couple, Videos

1  2  3

In the newtest photos and video from Futanaria we can find Felicia and Stefani. Twis two sweet shemales with long cocks looks sweet and sexy when they having sex. The photosession has been placed in bar, where girls are drinking beers. They are talking and flitring together. It is easy to guess they are want to have hard sex together. Both cocks are starting to be bigger but are still hidden in trousers and panties. Every cock is looking like a tent becouse each is errected.

4  5  6

When the glasses are empty and there are no any beer girls starting to play together. First they start licking. After few minutes they are hard fucking and sucking big cocks. Shemales have really big cocks which looks delicious. They are fucking hard in tight asses. In the end Felicia is having a big cumshot. Stefani catching all the sperm to glass. After it Stefani is drinking it. Yes, this set of photos and movie looking very spicy. I love futanari shemales! Everyone should see the full movie and all the photos avalible at Futanaria.

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Big cocks and huge shemale breasts in action

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October 9th, 2009 >> Futanaria notes, Shemale big tits, Shemale couple, Videos

min_JaneenStefani02_58Hard Dicks Fucking Huge Tits is one of the newtest videos of Futanaria. One more time paysite Futanaria showing us something incredible.This video is connecting two greamin_JaneenStefani02_35t niches: big tits and shemales. There are posing two shemales with huge breasts and long cocks. In this video you will find two best posers of Futanaria: Janeen and Stefani.
This episode is starting when two sweet girls are meeting and start talking. Few moments later Stefani is getting big cock of Janeen and start sucking it. Her cock looks like huge sausage. She starting sucking it like big icecream. They are playing breasts and cocks together. It is not easy to say which one girl sucks cock often, becouse there are many positions in this hot erotic game.

futanaria_hard_dicks_fucking_huge_titsSecond part of movie it is when girls start fucking from behind. Personally I am prefering this position so I really like watching of this part of movie. Shemales are fucking together from time to time changing their roles. Janeen and Stefani cocks are hot becouse of rush in tight ass-holes. There are few milk-shoots scenes. Breasts are so big and full of fresh milk. They really like so hot erotic games. In the end of video shemales start masturbating as soon as they are cumming. Yeaaaahhh… This episode is really hot. Inside of members area you will find full set of pictures, too. Just join Futanaria.com and download all the best!