Huge paled duet

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March 28th, 2010 >> Photos, Shemale couple

This one set of pictures includeds two sweet tgirls having fun together. Both of them are very beautiful and have very feminine bodys. But between their long legs you can find long cocks. They start from talk, and very slowly stripping after it. They have a little more clothes on their bodys so they need more time to be naked. But when they are naked completly act is starting. It is so big pleasure to can be fucked by so huge pals. Sucking it and touching it is very exciting, too. Check all photos from this episode by loggin in to members area of this great page.

Two cocked shemale

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March 21st, 2010 >> Shemale solo, Videos

Holy shit! I have never had shemale with two cocks, especially with two huge pals. Aditionally she is beautiful and is going to have pleasure time with herself only. Yes, shou is alone at home and she would like to play with herself a little. First she is stripping very slowly and start playing with her nipples. Her breast is very nice, probably many of you would like to touch it. But of course it is not so important as her double-dick. It is so double and it not so easy to play with them in the same time. But the most exciting is moment when this shemale is cumshooting. Her doublepal is shooting great. Incredible view. I recommend to watch this movie.

Transsexual foot fetish

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March 21st, 2010 >> Photos, Shemale couple

Do you like fetish? I love it from time to time only but I need to say that this one set is really hot. Two very sweet and bigdicked shemales have very nice time together. All is beggining from licking and some french games. But when tgirls are much more hot they start touching their big tranny cocks. Both are huge and well stroked. They would like today to play in a little different method. Thats why they starting to play with their cocks by foot. It is kind of fetish and working great for them. They are very exciting from this type of erotic games. This very nice picserie is avalible inside members area.

Felicia Femwood

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March 21st, 2010 >> Shemale solo, Videos

Today I would like to present one of the latest movies of Felicia Femwood. It has been added few days ago and it is really hot. She is posing here in sexy red lingerie. In begginings she has panties but few moments later all her huge cock is visible. She is start stroking it in many positions. Personally I prefer scenes with ass and dick behind becouse I can admire all ass and fat cock. I should to say that her body is really sweet and shape. But of course for all of you probably the most important is her cock. Yes it is very big, long and her balls are full of sperm. Just check the latest scene comming from this movie. Felicia Femwood is having here huge cumshot.

Sweetie with huge boner

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March 14th, 2010 >> Photos, Shemale solo

This one tgirl is not only beautiful and sweet but she is an owner of very nice pal. It’s wonderful, well shaved and full of sperm. Just check this pictures especially in the end of this scene. There is a huge cumshots with litres of sperm. It is incredible how big amout of cum has been hidden in her balls. Her pal is number one in this episode but you should to check all part of her sexy body. Especially ass is big and very round. It is looking great from behind. Then not only her asshole is visible but pal, too.

Interracial ts sex

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March 7th, 2010 >> Interracial, Photos, Threesome

It is a little different set of pictures. It is becouse we have never posted interracial series. This time we have nice trio when two trannies are white and one is black. It is typical black on white scene and many of you probably would like this episode. This ebony ts has really long and fat pal which will be used during this exciting sex games. This time two other tgirls will have pleasure to check how it is tasting. I am sure that it is not a chocolate… This scene is full cocksucking, anal sex and of course cumshots with hektolitres of sperm.

Hot threesome in bedroom

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February 25th, 2010 >> Futanaria notes, Videos

It is incredible how easy for this great webpage is made good movies. In this one comming from the newtest collection three sweet shemales with huge cocks have nice moments in bedroom. It looks like lesbian sex – they are licking together, sweet kissing and they are very sensitive with all things they are doing. After hard fucking action it is time for big cumshots. One of trannies is a lucky becouse she is coverded by cum. I would like to say it one more time: it is very nice movie.

Monster size boobs and cock from Futanaria

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January 27th, 2010 >> Futanaria notes, Photos, Shemale big tits, Shemale couple

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Futanaria love everything big. Check one of the latest photosets comming from Futanaria. There are two sweet shemales with monster size cocks and big tits. This tranny couple looks very hot and incredible sexy. Tgirls posing in sexy clothes but looks that are so tight becouse their huge tits are hide a little only. The same aboout big tranny cocks. It is so hard to keep so huge cock inside so little panties. Futanari shemales are stripping and playing together. There are huge cock sucking and hard anal sex between twis two busty shemales. It is the next hot and very spicy episode comming from Futanaria. I have hope that next will be so hot, too! Don’t forget to visit

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Three lusting dickgirlies

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January 5th, 2010 >> Futanaria notes, Photos, Shemale couple

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The newtest photoset of Futanaria is cool threesome. There are three shemales: Abby Armshlong, Janeen Junkstuffer & Porsha Peckerhard. This sweet group of trannies is making crazy erotic things together. Three huge futanari cocks guarannteer best sex. I don’t know what is the best in this photos: sweet faced shemales or huge cock. The end of photoset is cool, too. There are monster size cumming actions. It means that there are hektolitres of sperm on the floor, breasts and of course on faces. Futanaria has been made great job one more time. Check this sample photos comming from and join this site now!

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Fat futanari cock of Wendy

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December 27th, 2009 >> Futanaria notes, Photos, Shemale solo

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Pics: Futanari big cock of fake shemale Wendy during masturbation

Wendy from Futanaria is beautiful shemale with little secret between her sexy legs. On first sight she looks like a girl but when Wendy getting hotter her little secret is growing and gorwing. Then her cock has really big size. But it is not the end becouse this cock is fat, too. So monster cocked shemales you will only find at Futanaria. This great website featuring only the best girls connected with big plastic cocks. Result of connection has been attached to this post. All looks real! Futanaria makes your dreams real. The surprise of every episode comming from Futanaria is cumshots of tgirl. It has monster size, just incredible. Litres of fake tranny sperm is shooting.

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Pics: Big cocked Wendy from Futanaria is having climax with big cumshot

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